From the Gallery page:

  1. Scroll down to the Volunteer Portfolio thumbnails
  2. Click on your gallery in the Volunteer Portfolio
  3. If requested, enter the password provided to you. Now you see all your images
  4. Click the image you want to download. A larger image will appear
  5. Directly above the image is the link to download

Download All Images

You can download multiple photos by holding down the control key while selecting thumbnails or using the Select All link at the bottom of the page. The photos will be downloaded to a zip file on your computer.

You may also:

Go to any image full screen, not the thumbnails
Above the image is a link to the downloads as shown below:Inline image 2
Inline image 4
Hover your mouse on the Download link and this dropdown will appear.
Inline image 3
Now click on All available images
Now you have the option to save the zip file.

Note: You may be required to purchase downloads as part of the Organisaton’s fundraising

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